Different Ways to Download a Twitter Video

5 Different Ways to Download a Twitter Video in 2020

We are consistently asked how a video can be downloaded from Twitter. Not at all like stages, for example, Facebook and Instagram, downloading a video on Twitter is a touch more troublesome. 5 Different Ways to Download a Twitter Video in 2020.

Different Ways to Download a Twitter Video

This has to do with the way that recordings on Twitter are stacked in an alternate manner. In this blog entry, we’ll clarify five unique ways you can download a video from Twitter.

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Twitter video record augmentations

So as to download recordings from Twitter, it is imperative to know the file type of a video on Twitter and how the video is stacked on Twitter. We will tell you the best way to discover how the video is played on Twitter utilizing the video beneath.

On the off chance that you watch the above video on Twitter, lamentably, you don’t have the choice to spare the video with your correct mouse button and the choice “Spare video as …”.

Likewise, on the off chance that you need to discover the connection to the video through the “Investigate component”, or on the off chance that you look into the video in the source code, you won’t be fruitful.

This is on the grounds that recordings are stacked distinctively on Twitter. We will clarify precisely how underneath.

To discover how recordings are played on Twitter, explore the separate video you wish to spare. Open your Browser engineer apparatuses by means of F12 and snap on the “Organization” tab.

When you’ve done this, invigorate the page to see all solicitations from your internet browser. At that point click on the “Media” tab, after which you will see the solicitations underneath.

In the picture above, you can see that your internet browser has sent seven solicitations to the area video.twimg. You will likewise observe that there are two diverse document types, a “.m3u8” expansion, and a “.ts” augmentation.

The M3U8 expansion is a record design for mixed media playlists. It is a book document that contains data about the area of at least one media records.

The augmentation TS is a contraction for “MPEG Transport Stream” and is a record design for the transmission and capacity of sound and video documents

Have a nearby glance at an m3u8 record

To open the .m3u8 record, right-click on “video.twimg.com” and click “Duplicate” to duplicate the URL. Open another tab and glue the replicated URL*.

You would now be able to attempt to open the record with a media player, which will no doubt not work. Rather, you can spare and view the document with a word processor like “Scratchpad” (your default Windows notebook) or “Scratchpad ++”.

At the point when you open the document, you will see that the content record alludes to other .TS documents.

The picture above is a screen capture of an aspect of the downloaded text record. On the off chance that you take a gander at the substance of the full-text record, you will see that there is a connection to a .TS document multiple times.

These connections are multiple times “3.000” and once “2.013”. These numbers speak to the term of the .TS document right away and the number of seconds included outcomes in 68 seconds.

This is actually the term of the video in a flash. Clearly, the .TS records are such a cut video which frames a total video once they are assembled.

Instructions to see a TS document

In the event that you need to open a .TS document, you can do as such by replicating the URL of the record again or by double-tapping the “video.twimg.com” with your left mouse.

You will presumably find that you can play the record with your Media Player, yet the video will just have a length of three seconds. All things considered, as we have just found in the .M3U8 document, the .

TS records just the most recent three seconds. So as to spare the whole video, you could spare all .TS documents independently and afterward play them independently or join them together*. This isn’t exceptionally commonsense, so beneath we disclose five unique approaches to download Twitter recordings.

Technique #1: use youtube-dl

Our preferred device to download recordings from Twitter (and YouTube) will be youtube-dl. With this open-source* order line device downloading recordings from different stages like Twitter and YouTube is quick and simple.

Youtube-dl requires the establishment of Python, is kept up on Github, and can be utilized in the two Windows and Mac OS X conditions.

Stage 1: Install Python and PIP

Before downloading youtube-dl, we prescribe you to introduce Python and PIP. Kindly examine our past blog entry to figure out how to introduce Python.

PIP, remembered for the Python establishment, is expected to introduce and oversee Python bundles. Check whether Python and PIP are introduced utilizing the orders beneath in your Windows order brief (CMD).

On the off chance that you get a mistake, kindly experience the means from our previous blog entry once more.

Stage 2: download youtube-dl

Youtube-dl is excluded naturally in Python, so you should introduce this program before you can utilize the program. To introduce the youtube-dl program by means of PIP in your Windows order brief (CMD):

Stage 3: download a video with youtube-dl

To download a video, run the order beneath. The video will be naturally spared into the client’s organizer on the PC.

Stage 4: all set! Simply play the video

Open the envelope where the video is spared and you will see that the video has been naturally changed over to a .mp4 document. You can without much of a stretch play this document by means of your standard media player.

Technique #2: use VLC Mediaplayer

Another approach to download recordings from Twitter (and YouTube) is through the program VLC Mediaplayer.

With this program, you can open organization streams and consequently convert these streams to MP4 records. You can discover how to do this underneath.

Stage 1: download VLC Mediaplayer

Download VLC Mediaplayer

Stage 2: Convert the video

Open VLC Mediaplayer and snap “Convert/spare as…” beneath the “Media” tab.

Snap-on the “Organization” tab and fill in the URL of the video on Twitter. Snap-on “Convert/spare”.

Next, make a point to check “Profile” “(MP4) ” and select the area where you need to spare the video. At that point click on “Start” to change over the video and stand by.

Stage 3: There you go! Simply play the video

The video has now been changed over and spared in the area you assigned. You would now be able to play the video with your Mediaplayer.

Technique #3: use FFMPEG

The program FFMPEG really is vital on the off chance that you work with recordings a ton. For instance, if it’s not too much trouble look at nixintel’s blogpost about extricating edges and sound records from recordings.

If it’s not too much trouble read on to perceive how to utilize FFMPEG to download a video on Twitter.

Stage 1: download FFMPEG

Typ in the accompanying orders to download FFMPEG by means of PIP.

To check if FFMPEG has been introduced effectively, basically, type “ffmpeg” in your order brief. It is safe to say that you are getting a mistake message? At that point, we encourage you to peruse this instructional exercise about introducing FFMPEG.

Stage 2: download a video

To download a video through FFMPEG, enter the accompanying order in your Windows order brief (CMD). Ensure that you enter the .m3u8 connect and that you can give a name to the video yourself. For our situation, the video is simply called “video”.

Stage 3: Let’s go! Play the video

The FFMPEG program will download the video in MP4 record design. The record is consequently spared in the current client’s envelope on the PC. You can play this document with your Mediaplayer.

Strategy #4: utilize an outsider site

Why make it troublesome when it very well may be done without any problem? All things considered, there are numerous sites that permit downloading recordings on stages, for example, Twitter.

A site, for example, twitter video downloader is a genuine model. Simply fill in the video URL and snap on “Download” to download the video.

Strategy #5: utilize a peruse augmentation

There are different program augmentations created in which expansions can be utilized to download Twitter recordings.

Instances of program expansions are Video Downloader Plus (much obliged for the tip Serge Courrier!) and Twitter Media Downloader.

You simply need to introduce these augmentations and afterward, you can without much of stretch download recordings on Twitter.

Caution! It would be ideal if you be cautious

We emphatically encourage you to deliberately consider whether the utilization of an apparatus, site, or expansion is wanted.

On the off chance that you can’t check whether your security and wellbeing are being encroached upon, at that point you can expect that (probably a few) information will be gathered about you.

This blog entry is just to give you different alternatives for downloading recordings on Twitter. Thus, Aware Online isn’t subject to the utilization of the previously mentioned devices, sites, and expansions.

Need to find out about exploring Twitter?

OK prefer to get familiar with how to lead examinations on Twitter? Or then again how to spare recordings on different stages? Or then again do you have any increments to this article? If you don’t mind get in touch with us.

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